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Wednesday, March 11

14:30 GMT+04

FI Leadership Training: IT Strategy
As management of financial institutions look to grow and extend more impactful services to their clients, they must navigate the complex landscape of new products and services and the evolution towards digital financial inclusion. It can be challenging to both identify and prioritize new innovation and new channels of outreach. At the heart of this is an organization’s IT systems and IT strategy that must effectively support and guide their core operations and allow for them to explore digital currencies, mobile financial services, mobile field operations, and new delivery channels. 7This session, led by James Dailey will help management and operational staff develop a forward-looking IT strategy that helps them cost-effectively grow, invest in new technologies and digital forms of financial inclusion, and responsibly design new products and service. James will facilitate this interactive discussion amongst financial inclusion leaders and leave you with some shared learnings and actionable advice.

Wednesday March 11, 2015 14:30 - 16:00 GMT+04

16:15 GMT+04

Thursday, March 12

08:30 GMT+04

FI Leadership Training: Data and Analytics
As financial institution leaders, you're faced with an growing challenge and opportunity to better use data and sources of real-time insight to better guide your operations and more transparently report back to your funders. This session will be an interactive discussion focused on how we collect the right data and how we can use that data to build better client relationships and inform better product design. We'll also cover the various financial, social, and operational outcomes you must report back to your fellow board as well as external funders. We'll explore this data, the valuable insights and we can gain and provide the community with a blueprint for using data to drive the next phase of innovation in the financial inclusion sector.


Thursday March 12, 2015 08:30 - 09:45 GMT+04

14:30 GMT+04

FI Leadership Training: Reponsible Product Design
We'll look at coupling the principles of client protectionism along with using operational, social, and financial data to appropriately design new products and services that address the real needs of clients and their entire financial needs.

Thursday March 12, 2015 14:30 - 16:00 GMT+04
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